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PC turns itselsf off and Restarts


FPCH New Member
Sep 5, 2008
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I've got a problem that is driving me mad... i recently cleared my hard drive started from scratch .

my problem revolves around certain progams for example if i launch any type of media player to play music or to watch a film without any codecs installed...it works absolutely fine but as soon as the codecs are installed the computer loads up the film then turns the pcstraight off and restarts after a second of viewing...at first i thought i had dodgy codecs so removed them entirely and tried a different lot...still the same problem...

if not annoying enough...it then started doing the same with limewire and certain webpages...so im thinking it could be flash/java orientated to...

same thing happens with zshare or if im trying to upload multi pics on a java screen...

this is the error report thats sent to microsoft
on reboot
serious error

BCCcode: 1000008e BCP1 : C0000005 BCP2 : BFB2CA55 BCP3 : B4D9C89C BCP4 00000000 OSVER : 5_1_2600 SP :3_0 Product : 768_1

any help you can give me would be most appreciated!!!

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Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi and welcome;

The reason you are experiencing these problems is because you keep reinfecting your PC. The programs you are using and the files you download are unsafe and infecting you and the codecs are infecting you with Trojans too.

P2P Warning!

IMPORTANT We notice there are signs of one or more P2P (Person to Person) File Sharing Programs on your computer.

Please note that as long as you are using any form of Peer-to-Peer networking and downloading files from non-documented sources there is a high probability that you will be infested with malware.

Once upon a time, P2P file sharing was fairly safe. That is no longer true. You may continue to use P2P sharing at your own risk; however, please keep in mind that this practice may be the source of your current malware infestation.

References for the risk of these programs can be found in these links:
Malware: Help prevent the Infection
IM And P2P Malware Threats Nearly Triple - Technology News by TechWeb
How to Prevent Online Invation of Spyware, Adware and Malware

We would recommend that you uninstall these P2P programs, however that choice is up to you. If you choose to remove these programs, you can do so in the Control Panel via Add/Remove Programs. If you have Vista it's Programs and Features.

However in order for us to provide future assistance on this matter you must remove the P2P first as it would be fruitless unless the possible cause is ruled out first and to prevent future infestations.


FPCH New Member
Sep 5, 2008
PC Experience
thanks for the quick reply, unforunately it's not that easy..have removed all p2p applications and ran various programs to check/remove anything that was left... nothing had been downloaded from it as icould only complete the setup

java boots it so does media player and divx


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.
Click the Advanced tab.
Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings to open the Startup and Recovery dialog box.
Clear the Automatically restart check box, and click OK the necessary number of times.
Restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

Now when you go to shut down and a fatal error occurs, you'll at least see it and it won't cause an automatic reboot.

Post back with the full error that will be produced.


FPCH New Member
Sep 5, 2008
PC Experience
Cheers Seth i managed to find the problem using the error code... looks like i done a dodgy update to my nvidia drivers..said it was working fine...so took it off then reinstalled using a fresh set!

Thanks again for your help!!
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