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pc will not start onto windows


FPCH New Member
Jun 6, 2007
Please Please Help Me My Pc Will Not Start Properly It Starts Up To Show Memory And Drivers Temps Ect And When Then Goes On Command Promp Screen Showin Safe Mode Safe Modeandnetworking Ect 30 Secs Shows Counting Down Then Tries To Go To The First Xp Screen For Secounds Then Goes Straight To To The Begining Again Even If I Press Safe Mode Its Driving Me Mad Wat Can I Do Plz Be Precise As Im Not Very Gud At This Anyway Thanks For Your Time Look Forward To Hear From U , If Ive Got Any Hair Left Because Im Pulling It Out Over This


Well from what I can gather in your frenetic post is that if I'm correct you seem to running some obscure dual boot scenario here.

Go to Run and type msconfig then hit the boot.ini tab, write down what it says and post it back here.