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PC Wont even load?


FPCH New Member
Dec 18, 2007
Hey all,

i have been having some wierd problems with my PC so i decided to use HP's system recovery utility. After doing this, the PC now wont even load up. I get all the normal screens at the start and then it says at the bottom if i want to go into my BIOS things and change stuff which i can do, or if i just want to continue. So i press continue and its as if i pressed nothing at all, and when i try and repeat the system recovery process by pressing 'F10' the same thing happens - NOTHING.

So i thought i would put in the recovery disk things that i burnt from the PC itself when i first got it but when i try and load off of that it says they are not for that model.... even though i burnt them FROM THAT PC?

I am extremely confused here and i need this PC so if anyone has any ideas i would be very greatful. Also, an option i am willing to take would be to format the HDD somehow and reload XP back on to it but the problem is (well i cant start the damn thing) that when i got the PC i wasnt given a disk for XP and nowhere on the PC itself can i find a CD-Key for XP. The PC was bought from John Lewis ;)




FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
Hi Jack.

Is it possible that the computer had a major hardware change (like the motherboard), which is causing HP's recovery to not fully start?

This can also happen if a different video card was installed. remove any extra devices, and use the onboard video for the install if you have it. The added card can be installed after the recovery.

Also, HP has both a non-destructive and destructive (advanced options) recovery. The destructive recovery formats the hard drive. If that recovery fails, then you have a hardware problem.