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pc wont start, system restore stuck at 80%


FPCH New Member
Feb 2, 2012
PC Experience
Some Experience
hi im not great with the technical terms or anything and im having to use my fone so excuse the awful spelling. I have a hp pc with windows vista a few days ago it said it was completing a physical memory dump and since then the computer wont load and kept sticking on a blue blank screen, it then the next time gave me the option to restore the pc back to factory condition which i attempted and it just stopped at 80% for hours and hours. I literally have no clue what to do, any help would be appreciated.thanks in advance,deanne


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
Hi and welcome to FpcH

Can you get it to boot to the Advanced Startup Options ?
Switch on and tap F8 about once per second
If you can get to the options screen try "Last Known Good Configuration"
If that is no go ....
Using F8 again there should be an option to "Repair Your Computer"

If this is available you will need to select the Keyboard Layout ( this can be changed later anyway )

You will be asked to select user name and password if you have one.

There may be options - if there are select "Startup Repair"