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I’ve decided against the idea of a Mac Mini for the time being. I am going to get a PDA instead. I would use it a hell of a lot more than a Mac anyway.

I’ve been looking for a relatively cheap, but packed with features PDA, and i have to give it to them, Dell (shudders) have done an excellent job. I normally hate Dell, but I’m prepared to make an exception. I have ordered a Dell Axim X30 624mhz PDA with Bluetooth and WI-FI. I was originally looking for HP iPAQ’s which I love completely, but somehow Dell has turned me towards them. Although the HP’s are great, sexy and just brilliant :), only the top notch specs had wireless and Bluetooth.

The Dell with a grand price of £204 from eBay brand new :D Not too bad.

Will see how Dell PDA's compare to their computers, can only hope for the best :)

Jan 21, 2006
Good choice, I have to say.

Dell PDAs are really good, and I have had a couple with no problems - definately better than their PCs. Built in WiFi and Bluetooth are essential.

Let us know how you get on.




Well i have finally got it today and I have to say I am very pleased :) in fact I am lying in bed writing this now.

love it!