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pictures gone awol


FPCH New Member
Aug 1, 2008
PC Experience
Some Experience
I colourize and repair photographs for a number of Forums. Just
over a week ago I opened Photobucket to upload a pic. As you know, this is
neccessary to get the IMG code to download the finished pic to the
particular Forum. All the pictures in my album are blank, no red X. The
pictures on the Forums themselves appear and disappear, they will go
missing. I'll turn the computer on later and some of them have reappeared.
I've changed my password with Photo bucket to no avail. Iv'e tried the
obvious like Internet Tools>Advanced> Show Pictures. I've visited
P'buckets Help sites but there is no information on my particular problem. I
would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction for
solving the problem.


FPCH Long Term Member
Jun 6, 2008
Hello and Welcome to FPCH Sean. :)

Have you tried using an alternate browser like Mozilla Firefox? if yes, then what results did you observe?

-- Goku