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Please someone help......


FPCH New Member
May 4, 2007
Hi all,

I'm need of some serious help with my Home PC!

It's running XP and I think I've somehow download a virus!

Where to start.......

1. Well first of all I can no longer access the Internet, and I can't even Ping or Tracert anything as CMD do not regonize commands anymore

2. The PC is very slow on start up......taking a good 10mins to log in, after that it seems OK but has it's moments

3. I am getting a 'System Alert!' pop up in the system tray (now i know this is a con but i can't remove it)

4. Not too sure if this is related but I think it may be - I have two programs that have appear in add/remove programs, they are 'Browser Protection Volume' and 'Security Messenger'. Now I only think these may be related becasue I have never seen them before and when I select them there is no information i.e size and how often it's used etc but stranger than that when I go to uninstall them a pop up appears saying i have to restart the PC before I uninstall, so I click yes, however when the PC reboots and I try to uninstall it again the pop again comes up. It won't allow me to uninstall these!

5. Norton will not open in normal mode however it WILL open in safe mode but finds no viruses when a scan is done

I have done the following to try and solves this problem......

1. I have ran Spybot S&D in normal and safe mode - again nothing is found

2. I have ran Norton in safe mode and again, nothing, however it will not even open in normal mode.

Can anyone out there please suggest how I can fix this problem??????


FPCH Member
Apr 22, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced
This sounds like you have downloaded a BHO (Browser Hijack Object) I would suggest you dowload a copy of Hijack This from www.merjin.org and run a scan, post the results back here and we can help you sort it.