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Post by Inimical


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced

Hello all, my names Josh, how you all doing?

I came across this site in a desporat search to find out why my PC keeps freezing like the antartic every hour or so, i htink i could most deffinatly time it exact.

The Situation is, i'll be happily playing about on my pc searching thew web ect and then everything stops responding my mouse still moves, and if i keep clicking it freezes, if i don't keep clicking i get the 'blue screen of death' and if im lucky my mouse will move for hours and hours or so and nothing els will work.

NOTE: I did have 2 80GB hard drives on my PC, the PC didn't come with the second installed, i inserted this my self, im not a PC whizz but it was okey for almost a year untill my BF2 started to do a weird graphic thing and turned yellow, after this i updated my drivers ect thinking it was them but it didn't seem to do anything.

I uninstalled the game and just continued to do average things on the PC with no games installed, untill i brought BF2142, same thing happend, and then HL2 witch run as smooth as butter, i got bored of it so i uninstalled it and got the blue screen of death and this continued for ages so i had to scrub XP on my hard drive, format my other hard drive and reinstall XP.

From that moment on my PC has been freezing and has had the blue screen of death on average 2 times a week, this is realy getting to me as you and many others can no doubt agree would lol and i have to reinstall XP about 2 times a week when i can be botherd to work on the pestered machine.

Since today, i've removed the other hard drive thinking it was that, but to no avail it froze an hour after i reinstalled everything.


ASUS M2V Mother board

1gb Samsung DDR2 DIMM

AM2 AMD Athlon 64 x2/Athlon 64/fx

If you need to know anymore i will be happy to provide full system specs.

Also if you can help in any way to stop this i would be verry greatfull and in your debt.

Just so you know my ASUS PC Probe 2 that monitors all asus things is as follows.

Vcore: 1.12v


+5: 4.92v

+12: 11.55v

CPU: 32 Zero C

MB: 37 Zero C

CPU: 3183 RPM

And my usage is as follows,

C: 91%

Used: 6,648,844,288: BYTES: 3,340 MB

Available: 73,366,646,784: BYTES: 69,967 MB

Total: 80,015,491,072: BYTES: 76,308




Used: 439,369,152: BYTES 419 MB

Available: 633,085,224: BYTES 609 MB

Total: 1,072,926,720: BYTES 1,023 MB


USAGE HISTORY: 0-20% avg


Last edited by Inimical (Today 17:47:51)


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
34° 12' 35" N, 118° 29' 21" W
Well if it does it on a clean rebuild I would think it is one of a couple things.

Some hardware issue like PSU/RAM/CPU

Or some other piece of software that you like that you always install that is the culprit maybe.

What does event viewer say?


FPCH New Member
Jan 21, 2008
Im not 100% sure on what to look for, so i'll just list a bulk of the red X's. X(#) mean the amount i counted (+) Means more that stated.

System event viewer:

22/01/08 windows update agent: x48+

21/01/08 NETBT Error x1+

21/01/08 Warning User32 x 1+

21/01/08 Error W32TIME x 2+

Application Errors:

21/01/08 Warning WinMGMt x 4

21/01/08 Application error x 1

21/01/08 Warning Event system x 3

If you want me to copey both Event and system Views i will be happy to post.

I forgott to add, my anti virus ect progam is Avira, im a beta tester (its goo buy it) lol

And i also get a pop up saying 'This is not a genuine windows progam ect' every time i install somthing.


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
34° 12' 35" N, 118° 29' 21" W
Inimical said:
And i also get a pop up saying 'This is not a genuine windows progam ect' every time i install somthing.
That sounds like the underlying encryption for Windows may need to be repaired. Please post the exact error as it is displayed on screen when you get that.

Are you 100% certain this is a legal valid copy of Windows XP ?