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Post from Redblot15



Hello and a Happy New Year to All.

I am trying to tell my PC to start but it is just ignoring me!!

The PC in question is a HP Pavilion 8833 Pent 3
250 mb ram
HDD x 2 master 20gb slave 60gb
Windows XP Home SP2
CD drive
3 1/2 " Floppy Drive
Graphics Card Geforce 2 mx 400 pci 64mb

The Problem.
Cannot detect Hard drives
no os found.

What I have tried so far.
Have reseated the Ide cable to Motherboard and HDDs
Tried another Ide cable.
Reseated jumpurs on HDDs
Entered the BIOS via F1 set to defaults.
Tried booting up from floppy drive.. and CD drive. but it cannot read the drive.
Swapped over drives altered the jumpurs to conform.

When attempting to start up it will display the Hp blue screen then goes to a black screen and in the top left corner error message reads ; no operating system found.

In Bios under harddrives it say None.

The PC is not used on the Internet and no anti-virus software is loaded.
Its main use is for games.
It had been used for this purpose and then closed down. The following day could not use for
the above stated reason.
I make a point of cleaning out all the dust etc from inside the tower every six months clean out fans etc .(not related I know)

Can anyone help a fellow Pom downunder......PLEASE

Cheers John

This is a temporary post made on behalf of Redblot


Make sure the jumper on IDE 0 is set to Master, presuming the OS is on ide 0
If you have done this irrespective of whether there is an operating system on the drive it should find it.
If it can't then the drive is faulty.


FPCH New Member
Dec 28, 2007
Thanks Wolfeymole, will check that out.
Have bought a new Ide cable and PC battery for the motherboard as the battery must be nearing its use by date.
Cheers John

PS Sorry seems I posted to the wrong spot.


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
If the cd drive works on the secondary channel, then try the hard drives on that channel and see if the bios detects them.