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Powers CPU/GPU but nothing else


FPCH New Member
Dec 15, 2015
PC Experience
Some Experience

When I press the power button on the case the computer sounds like it powers up but nothing happens, the monitor doesn't react at all, anything plugged in looks like it powers up for a second (e.g. 360 remote) but then goes dead.

On closer inspection inside -
The CPU fan is going
The GPU is lit up as normal
However the back fan isn't moving and there's no light on the cases power indicators.

The case must be linked up right since the power button works?

I've tried unplugging/replugging the power button/led/reset switch section, the case fan option and the main 24(?) pin power on the motherboard, but still the same once booted up

It was working fine until it went into sleep mode today, then refused to get out of it and is just like this once restarted...

Could any one advise?

Many Thanks in advance!!


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
Hi and welcome to FpcH

I am sorry for the very slow response ....it is that time of year :(

Are you still having problems with this ?

Does the keyboard LEDs light up ?
Can you hear the hard-drive spinning ?

I suspect that this may be a Power Supply problem.
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