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Printer not connecting

A Bit Annoyed

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Jan 16, 2016
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I am hoping you lovely people can help me again with my Dads issues.

He has a laptop running Windows 10. He bought a new, HP 6010 printer in April after his old one gave up the ghost. Last Thursday, he rang to say his laptop had had an update and since then, his printer just wouldn't work. Then, he rang two days later to say it had connected to the network again and was working. When I saw him Sunday, it wasn't connecting to the Wi-Fi or working through USB connection. Another update was waiting, so I allowed it, restarted the laptop and everything then worked like a dream.
An hour later, Dad rang to say he had tried to scan and the printer wouldn't work again. Nothing he has tried has worked (even the HP scan doctor). He has now messed with it so much, I am not sure what he might have done.
I am going up after work tomorrow to see what I can work out. Will a system restore the best option?
Dad hangs over my shoulder, asking if I've fixed it yet, every five minutes , so a good plan of action may save my sanity.
Any advice greatly appreciated.


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
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A System Restore may well be the way to go.
Go back to just before the problem started - not to the earliest date.

Be aware that the updates that have been installed will be removed.
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