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Printer stopped working even after re-install of drivers. (XP PRO)


FPCH New Member
Nov 21, 2007
Hi all can anyone help- i have 2 printers in working order, i tried them out the other day and found that they just didnt work (?) after using them a few weeks ago.
Ive removed and re-installed the drivers (on disc) but i get a fault screen saying 'spooler system not working or missing' no idea why- the only thing i can think of is, i have run '1 click maintenance package-mainenance utilities' to clean up my pc for registry errors etc- could this have changed my settings or deleted files etc ( i have tried to see what files have been cleaned up but i cant see anything to do with printing etc)?

What can i do- anyone with any suggestions please.


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Those registry cleaners and optimizers vary wildly in quality, some remove registry keys thinking that they are useless when, in fact, they are not. Click Start and then click Run. Type services.msc and click OK. Now look in that list for "Print Spooler". Double-click on it. It should be set to Automatic mode and it should be started. If not, change it to Automatic, click Apply and then click Start to start the service.

That spooler service is what Windows is complaining about. If that doesn't help, your best bet is probably to backup your files (if you don't already have a backup) and reinstall Windows. Then don't forget to not use those package-maintenance utilities again.