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Problem with microphone when using Skype


FPCH New Member
Jul 10, 2007
My daughter has an Acer laptop running xp. It has a built in microphone, but we have also installed a logitech webcam with mic. The webcam and mic work fine, we've tested them. When running Skype we can record voice on the "test your system " option. However on a Skype call to another user there is picture but no sound. The laptop receives both picture and sound. Have tried changeing the Skype setting to the logitech mic but still doesnt work. Your advise appreiated.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
mmmm weird.
so you have made all the sound settings in skype use the logitech web cam....but you can not use it when in a live chat...how strange....(thats if i understand correctly)..
what model of acer laptop is it....is it the aspire or travelmate with the camera built in..(i know you use a stand alone one as well, jus an observation).....
i have a LOT to do with acer so if we can not find the solution i would be more then happy to call them for you..
have you seen if there are any driver updates for your webcam...
can i have the model of the webcam so i can see if there is any compatibilty issue's with it....

can you try setting the webcam's audio as the default in windows>sounds and audio....see if that helps, i had this issue with an acer aspire and i had to set the windows audio playback, and recording as the webcam to get it to work with skype, msn, and trillian.but i got htere in the end....
try these things out then post back