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Problems Printing Colour on Lexmark 640


FPCH New Member
Apr 23, 2010
PC Experience
I've had my printer for a couple of years now but have never bothered printing a document in colour before until now

I got a new colour ink no 27 cartridge free with the printer when I bought it. The trouble it won't print anything!

I have reinstalled the cartridge several times, I have shook and cleaned it with a damp cloth and my hands are covered in ink, so it's not empty or dried up.

Any ideas where the blockage could be or do I simply need to buy another cartridge?!

The black cartridge works fine.


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Two years is a long time to not use a cartridge. It may be clogged or dried out.

There is the Z640 and T640. With the Z640 there is probably a control panel that will let you flush the jets. With the T640 you would use the printer display window.