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Problems with BIOS, home Medion PC with XP


FPCH New Member
Sep 28, 2013
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Some Experience
Hi colleagues,

Could anybody help me?

I have a problem with my desktop PC (Medion home PC). The Pc is good enough, the takt frequency is good (2.93 MHz) also. It is still im use in my family. But sometimes it falls down up to blue screen.
I recently learned from Medion web-site that there are updates for the important BIOS and chipset drivers (bio7046p4,
chpintel_inf6x). I downloaded all of them. I also have two CDs obtained together with the PC. But I can't install the BIOS update as the recovery disk E: at my PC was cleaned by somebody from my family. I tried to install the drivers without the disk E: software, but no success. I'm getting the blue screen again.
I need your help! How could I install the updates for the drivers? Please advise. Maybe, somebody could advise where could I find the files stored originally at E:/Recovery folder of my PC. I requested Medion, no answer till now.

My PC:
artikel N. 10006514
Medion serial Num 15689010020417
bought in July 2005 in Hamburg

Thank you for possiible advise