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FPCH New Member
Jan 4, 2007
I seem to have an enormous amount of processes in the Task Manager. Some even seem to be the same thing repeated.
I know that some of the processes are paramount and need to be working but how do i go about isolating the ones i dont need and deleting them without destroying my PC?
Jan 21, 2006
If you do a thorough virus and adware/spyware scan this should remove any unpleasant ones. Be very careful deleting things within windows, as it may cause serious damage to the OS. You could search the internet for disabling some Windows XP services, but again I advise caution.



FPCH Member
Jan 9, 2007
processes in the taskmanager. anything under your user name can be deleted or shut down. it is commonsense. explorer.exe cannot be shut down. watch for the common aol or norton processes too. if you think it is a lot of illegal viruses then go to avast.com and do their online scan. if you are running norton or mcaffee i guarantee that avast will find some virus. also go to start run type in msconfig go to last tab on window that pops up called starup and disable all.