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Putting XP on an old laptop (windows 98)


FPCH New Member
Mar 24, 2007
My PC has windows XP to which I have a recovery disc. My laptop has windows 98, and the right specs to run XP. I do not need to save anything off the laptop (drivers maybe?). Can i use my recover disc to install XP on my laptop? How do i go about this? Thanks for any help


FPCH Member
Mar 26, 2007
It depends what type of disc it is, if it is a recovery disc for your desktop then it probarbly will not work on your laptop as most of the new computers now come with there own stupid recovery process thing and not a complete version of windows on a disc.

If it is a shiny gold holographic disc that says MICROSOFT WINDOWS XP on it then you will be able to.

you will need to download drivers that are different for your laptop as it will have different components to your desktop, here is how to do this:

go to the website for the manufacturer of your laptop (saying for example it is a dell laptop go to www.dell.com)

somewhere on your laptop you will find the product number search for your exact model on the website and you will find all the correct drivers that you need for model. save these on a disc, flash drive or whatever.

you will then need to insert the windows disc into your laptop and turn it on there will be an option when the computer is booting up to "boot from device" or something similar if it does not boot from the cd by itself.

the rest is pretty self explanitary you can just follow the wizard through you will get some options. personally (if you do not need any of the files on your laptop) i would format the whole drive make sure you get rid of all partitions and do a fresh install.

once you have xp running on your laptop put on all the drivers which you downloaded earlier and hopefully jobs a good one!