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FPCH New Member
Oct 25, 2007
Hello, I'm new!

Anywho, I've had an on going problem since i've recently got BT broadband and since i've got it i've noticed just how slow my whole computers been as well as internet. I called someone and they said its probably your RAM. But when i had talktalk a few months ago everything was fine, i.e i could have six windows up and now i can hardly have 1.

I really need to find out info on RAM and to find out on my comp where RAM memory levels are and what they are at. Hope someone can help me PLEASE! Thankyou!!!
Oct 16, 2007
Cheshire UK
Make sure your antivirus is working, download and run spybotsd + superantispyware

How much memory do you have and what version of windows ? (right click on my computer -> properties)