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Random folders in C:/ and external


FPCH New Member
Feb 28, 2007
So I have been noticing that some really random folders are showing up in c:/ and my external. They have names like: becf73cc0a13c8fc8a992c997eb8d8 and inside there is a little notepad doc that appears to be some sort of log but I can't figure out what or why it's there. Names like: msxml4-KB927978-enu. Can I delete these folders and why do they show up. There are like 20 or so on one and about 10 on the other.


FPCH Member
Oct 24, 2006
Runcorn, UK
These folders are mere logs of Windows Updates and are consequently nothing to worry about. As far as I know, its safe to delete them :).


FPCH Member
Mar 3, 2007
I agree with santa, but backup your hard disk first with norton ghost or similar. DONT REGRET SOMETHING YOU COULD HAVE AVOIDED!!
Good Luck