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FPCH New Member
May 22, 2007
My computer's completely gone.
I think because of a faulty programme used a few months ago, deleteing what it said as dangerous files, but apparently it's deleted a lot of what it shouldn't have.
I need to reformat, but don't have a clue how.
Abit of assistance please.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
what operating system are you using?
If it is windows XP then it should be a case of popping the windows cd into the computer (make sure bios is set to boot from cd first usually to get into the bios you tap the "delete" key or f2 when the computer has just turned on,ie post....power on self test),then you can either do a repair install (saving all your files),or doing a format and then install.with XP it is really self explanitory (spelling ??).
if it is any other operating sytem then you will need to state it then i can try and help you further.
i hope that helps.
good luck

oh yeah and hi to you all great forum.im a noob to these forums and hope i can bring my knowledge to you all.