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Re-installation of XP error


FPCH New Member
May 11, 2007
At the point where you select whether you want to create/delete a partion, the screen shows 3 entries but states no disk found, if I try & select to delete/add or install the error "setupdd.sys - page fault in nonpaged area" is displayed.
I have tried booting from a boot disk, running fdisk, setting an active partion, and formatting, and all went OK, but I still get the same results when I try & install XP.
I thought it might be a hardware issue, but as I'm able to install Windows 98 without an issue, this suggests to me not
Any ideas


Forget all about dos commands like fdisk when installing XP scooper as XP does not run on a dos platform but rather NT.
Set the cdrom as first boot option in the bios, insert the XP cd and follow the prompts to install XP.

When it says "Press any key to boot from cd" other than the first time DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING.