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Realtek ac97 help!!

Feb 11, 2007
WEll I've been having TONS of problems with the soundcard or device thingy (not good w/ computers fyi). everyday or more I have to reinstall it cause it goes away for no reason. Usually it just works, but today it just stopped in the middle of installation and the screen vanished. I tried to install it a few more times and the same thing. So I uninstalled to program and have since been trying to find one to work. I've come across quite a few but at some point in the installation a screen pops up saying something about it not having a windows logo compatibility thingy on it and the first time i went ahead anyway but to no avail. When I restarted the computer the device was still not working. So I unistalled it and have since been trying to find a program to work but thus far have found none that are windows logo compatible or whatever. So if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.