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reboot problem!! need help fast please


FPCH New Member
Aug 21, 2007
i a currently trying to reboot one of my computers it is a compaq windows 98 and i have the reboot disk for it but when i try to reboot it comes up with a screen that says a drive in a prompt screen and thats as far as i get can anyone walk me thru what to put in the prompt to get my computer to reboot?


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi swiminfury;

I'm a little confused here. What do you mean by a reboot disk? Are you trying to boot into Windows with or without a disk? I'm going to take a few guesses.

Are you trying to format (re-format) from a boot disk floppy?
Are you trying to boot into Windows without a disk and get to the a> prompt?
Do you need the commands at the a> prompt to format or get into Windows?

If you could clarify just a tiny bit more we should be able to help with this. I'm glad you informed us you are using Windows 98;