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Reboot & select proper boot and other errors


FPCH New Member
Apr 20, 2008
Hi folks,

I've got a variety of problems and can't sort out what the cause is.

Computer at idle and the monitor will go black, power light on monitor will go out completely, however monitor appears to shimmer (?). I have to shut down, turn off power supply, sometimes several times (leaving it for 5 mins when it's being stubborn).

It sometimes starts up with no problems after this, other times comes up with "Overclocking failed". I've never overclocked.

Today, same thing but on reboot had a screen saying Windows shut down abnormally .. then option to boot safe mode etc or normal. Chose normal and it froze with 8 seconds to go.

Rebooted and no monitor again, so reboot once again and this time I get error "Reboot and select proper boot device".

MB is Asus P5K3 Wifi deluxe
Corsair DDR3 RAM
Coolermaster 650 power supply

I have read many posts regarding the P5 motherboards ... and not many of those were positive ones. Wondering if the mb is the problem here or perhaps HDD.


Forgot to mention, several weeks ago the onboard sound ceased to work
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FPCH New Member
Apr 20, 2008
I built the computer myself three months ago. All new components apart from CPU and HDD.

Problems probably started with the onboard sound carking it although it always seemed to have a stutter/stagger. That stutter/stagger has got worse and sometimes lasts up to 10 secs ... a mini freeze.

Last night I tried several different HDD's (all with operating system installed). Three of the four I tried came up with "reboot and select proper boot device. Found one that would boot up and attempted to reload Windows XP again, got so far and now the monitor has once again blanked out so I guess I'm back to the reboot error once again :rolleyes:

I'm thinking this has to be a bad motherboard :confused:


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
34° 12' 35" N, 118° 29' 21" W
Okay well let's try using a very basic system.

1. Remove all non essential add-in cards if you have any.
2. Remove all the RAM except for 1 stick
3. Unplug all external peripherals except a basic mouse, keyboard, and monitor
4. Go into the BIOS and set everything to basic DEFAULTS if possible
5. Ensure you're using 80PIN cables if your drives are ATA/EIDE
6. If you have more than 1 hard drive in the unit unplug it and only use 1 drive

Since it appears you have extra drives and the XP CD I would install one of the drives you can format and place the XP CD in and boot from the XP CD.
Then select the hard drive and DELETE ALL the partitions, then install XP and see how things go.

Let us know how that goes and we can take it from there.