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Reformating my PC, HELP!


FPCH New Member
Nov 15, 2008
PC Experience
PC Illiterate
Hi everyone,

I have decided to use an old PC i have and am having some difficulties I hope someone can solve!

The PC loads ok, however when I come to the screen where it asks me to hit Ctrl alt delete, my keyboard does not respond! however, when I first turn on the PC, the lights come on for a second so i know its not a problem with the port at the back....

Because of this, I cant reformat my pc as i cant "hit any key to boot from CD"....

I think I may just need some drivers to make the keyboard work but as i say, i cant load from CD.

I hope that explains it well enough for somebody to understand and help me....


Laura x


FPCH Long Term Member
Jun 6, 2008
Hello and Welcome to FPCH Laura. :)

The simplest and easiest way to resolve the problem is to enable a feature called USB Legacy Support in the BIOS. Please read the below article to learn how to do so.

PC Accessories - Issues when USB Legacy Support is Disabled

After you have enabled the option, reboot your computer and try to reformat your computer again. Does your keyboard work now?

If it doesn't, then please try another keyboard (preferably a USB one) and see what happens. Good Luck. :)

-- Goku


If your using a PS2 keyboard Laura make sure it's in the correct socket as a lot of older systems are not only not colour coded but are not labelled either.