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Reformatting hard drive


FPCH New Member
May 9, 2007
I have a persistent problem with Windows and every time I open a Windows application the Windows Installer launches and I have to wait 3-5 minutes before I can carry on. I have run Adaware, Reg Edit, Bug Doctor and dowloaded the Windows fix for WI - none of which have resolved the problem. I checked the hard drive and there doesn't appear to be any problem sectors, so I am about to give up and F-disk the drive and start again.

I am running XP Home and have 2 x 80GB drives. I only want to reformat the C: drive (the f: drive contains only data - no programmes) but when I go into f-disk, it only sees the f:drive and not the c:drive.

Can anyone tell me a way of formatting only the c: drive please? Also, is there anything I need to do before I nuke it? I have at least one programme running (MindJet) that I no longer have the original CD for. Is there any way I can copy all of its files onto the F: before I wipe c: ? (to avoid losing it)




Without the XP disk your in the soup Ovingite.

You can copy your files onto the F drive and just format C: just remember that you can't copy any windows files over.
The only way to do this would be to use a program similar to Acronis True Image.

You are mistaken when you say FDisk cannot see C: drive, it can but it will report it as a non dos partition.