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Refurbished Desktop Suggestions


FPCH Member
Jan 8, 2008
Aperture Science
PC Experience
Not sure where to post this, so let's go with Hardware.

As y'all know, the laptop has been giving us fits. And since it's our premiere workstation, having it in the shop is going to be a blow. So we're looking into something that's easier to fix (and doesn't have to inherently have everything integrated, so if the GPU goes or something, we can upgrade rather than send the whole thing back.

We're not particularly wealthy, so rather than building the computer of our dreams, we're looking into a recertified or refurbished option.

We were looking at this from Tiger Direct, but the 499 price tag is still out of our range, though a decent price for that package.

We will be running fairly high-end applications, and may be doing some video editing. It will be used for web design, photoshop, and flash/actionscript mostly. We need multiple DVD burners, multiple USB ports, wireless and ethernet capabilities. Bluetooth would be nice, but not essential. We need media card readers as well. Integrated video is okay, but having a PCIe x16 slot would be very helpful in the future. We'd prefer an Intel processor, as the computer would be "working" most of the day, and AMD processors have heat issues. A decent amount of RAM is a must, as we would be having multiple applications open, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and maybe even Messenger if we can stop working long enough to say hi.

The video would need to have VGA out, rather than DVI, as we only have VGA monitors, and the price of a new monitor is roughly the same as a recertified PC.

Since we aren't into gaming much at all, apart from the occaisional point-and-click adventure, we don't need an extremely powerful 3d rendering engine from the video card, though we do do some occaisional small 3d rendering in Illustrator.

I believe I've covered everything we're looking for, so if anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you very much.

John & Bonnie