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Refurbished PC


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi bobby;
With XP getting closer and closer to the end of support a used pc is not a good buy in my opinion no matter the cost.

A PC that runs Vista needs to have massive hardware upgrades. Since most older pc's can't handle an upgrade (which would cost money anyway) the best bang for the buck is to just buy a new one at this time in my opinion.

I know that's not your question but it is good advice.


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
I agree with Randy.

Even the most basic computer, as in cheap in price, is beyond powerfull enough for most home users.

Unless you know the seller, a lot about computers, the price is half of new, and the computer is less than two years old, I recommend you purchase a new one.

The question is, what do you want to do with your computer?