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Replaced PSU; PC not recognizing HD


FPCH New Member
Jul 22, 2007
Ive just replaced an atx power pack that blew out..when i switched it back on ,evrything is working,cd drive,hard drive is turning.cables are correct..but there is no beep .and nothing coming up on my monitor..it all seems to be ticking over ok.but possibly no communication between hd and mobo.i was thinking it might be something on the mobo..is there a reset jumper or something like this?
I replaced a 400w sumvision atx power supply with a 200w viglen power supply if that might be a reason.

MOBO-asrock k7s41

hd-maxtor ide



FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
1st thing to check is if you have connected the power for the p4 if you have one....this is a 4 pin block,,yellow n black.that needs to be connected.
if that doesnt work then take the cmos battery out (silver rounded battery)leave it out for 30 mins then pop it back in and try again.
resit your ram also....if you have more then 1 stick try them individually...when removing them make sure the pc is off and that you keep your hand on the psu to earth yourself.....the slightest bit of staitc will kill parts in your machine.....
kind regards
Sep 6, 2008
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Operating System
It might just be that the psu you have replaced it with is not got enough juice to power your machine.