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Replacement CPU

Mar 18, 2008
I have second hand Sony Desk top (purchased after my pc was fried by a retailer, who had only been asked to install some software) I got the Sony from a local IT recycling project and until last week it ran like a dream. Last week the Processor failed, and the guy at the recycling project changed the processor, but the he told me at the time the replacement processor was not as good as the failed one. (but he only recycles parts and Complete pc's) so he couldnt supply a like for like procesor.

The failed procesor was a pentium 4, 3.4 Ghz, 1 meg cache,800, SL7 E6, Malay, 478 pin.

Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement? i have been told be one company that those are unavailable now and i dont want to buy something that either wont work or will somehow damage other parts of the pc.

The guy at the recycling project will fit it.

thanks in advance if anyone can help.