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Replacing A Router, Easy?


FPCH New Member
Oct 12, 2006
Hello Again.

Ummm, after some "debating", I now intend to replace our wired router with my new shiny wireless one. Is this as easy as unplugging the cables, connecting the new router, and turning the computer on? I don't want to have to screw about with settings and things, as it is too complicated for me to complete on my own.

I presume some of you out there have already done this?

I need the setup to be that the computer can physically connect to the router, and that I can run one or two wireless things from it in addition. I've read problems that people cannot use both the wired and wireless functions on their router...

Can anyone direct me to a previous topic, or if possible give me a brief outline on what exactly needs to be done in order to achive the above?

Hoping someone can help.....

Jan 21, 2006
I would strongly recommend changing the settings on your new wireless router. Otherwise anyone can get access to your network and internet connection. The router should come with instructions for setting this up, which might be enough to help you out.

Otherwise, post back telling us which make/model you are getting, and I'm sure someone will be able to ***ist.