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restarts, goes to 16 bit,if i click start then run it restarts,


FPCH New Member
Apr 11, 2007
hi, my computer is completly messed up, i cant get up device manager, close program pops up saying (Run a DLL as an App has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience) cant log off computer will restart itself, if i close down computer properly it acts asif i didnt and does the blue checkdisk, if i use disc defrag it restarts itself, the list goes on

please help me

thank you


FPCH Member
Apr 15, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Operating System
Windows XP - Professional
See if the computer can boot into "Safe Mode". Normally at startup you get a brief period when pressing F8 (you need to do this repeatedly to avoid missing the brief period) calls up XP's boot menu. If you get a BIOS window coming up with "Boot Device" type options like mine then you need to time pressing F8 a little more carefully. Select Safe Mode from here. Safe mode may give you a more stable environment to work in for what comes next.

If that works okay, run a System Restore. To do this click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. From there select "Restore my computer to an earlier time". Then you'll get a Calendar on the left where you can choose a date to restore it to. Don't worry about losing your created or downloaded files, they don't get touched in a System Restore. The system will go through the motions of shutting down until System Restore runs. Wait for this to complete and the computer will restart. It will pause for a while at the Welcome screen then you'll get a dialog from System Restore saying whether the restore worked or not.

If that doesn't work it may be a corrupt file on the hard drive causing the problem. You can correct this by running a chkdsk /r command. It could also be that an offline System Restore needs to be done using an application such as ERD Commander (beyond the scope of this help).

To run a chkdsk /r command:
On the Start menu, click Run. Type "cmd" and hit enter. In the Command Prompt window that opens up type "chkdsk/r" and hit enter. Restart the computer. Your computer should then carry out the chkdsk but the "/r" switch locates bad sectors and recovers readable data moving it to known good sectors. This can take a long time to do depending on how much disk space you have used and the size of the hard drive.

If you find this problem coming back, it may indicate the drive is failing. In this case backup all irreplaceable files from your computer to DVD or external hard disk etc and get the hard drive replaced.