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Restore hard drive backup without image


FPCH New Member
Apr 24, 2007
Hello all,

I have a HP dv1331se notebook running xp home, and have a maxtor one touch iii mini external usb hard drive. I had put it off, but finally backed up all my data (i thought) using the included maxtor software and told it to do a complete back up the c drive.

3 days later I drop my notebook and everything is gone! Fortunately I have a backup and accidental damage protection on the notebook. They fix the notebook, new hard drive, new case/screen and send it back without an operating system and say "use the recovery cd's. " to restore XP. BUT, i cant find those cd's.

Unfortunately, I am learning there is a difference between a backup and a drive image. I have a browsable backup of my entire C drive, program files, windows directories, etc. Is there away to restore things? Or am I out of luck?

Also, if i do end up having to get new recovery discs for the operating system, does that mean I have to individually reinstall all the applications from the CD's even though I have a backup of the whole hard drive when they were installed?



FPCH Member
May 7, 2007
It may be possible to restore your programs, but most likey not the operating system (not in a stable, or bootable format anyway).
I would suggest getting new disks and doing a fresh install of Windows and your programs. You may then need to restore files from your backed up programs, but this depends on what you use (e.g. saved games in programs such as The Sims can be restored).
You can then restore the backup of your My Documents area (or where ever you store your files).

Hope this helps.