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router help!


FPCH New Member
Apr 24, 2009
PC Experience
firstly please excuse my ignorance but i am not great with computers but i desperately need some help!

i live and work in a hotel. there is a wireless router on the ground floor and my room is on the 2nd floor. the signal only reaches outside my door and not inside my room so i have to sit in the corridoor to use the internet which is obviously not good.

i know there are a few options to me. i've tried homeplugs with no luck so i'm thinking maybe a wireless access point, a signal booster or signal repeaters?

the other thing is that my boss isn't very keen on me messing with they're connection but i can hook something up to they're router in the evening but i can't access they're computer so whatever i get needs to be able to be set up without having to run any wiards or change any of they're settings.

ideally i want to be able to play my playstation online and i have read you can run it through your laptop by bridging connections or something but i have failed at that too (i can get away with leaving my laptop outside my door)

i know to use my ps3 i'm going to need a decent signal so that might also be a factor

please help me!

Plastic Nev

Deceased - sadly missed
Oct 19, 2008
Hi, and welcome to Free PC Help.
So far, I cannot be sure if you actually have permission to use the hotel internet connection.

In this case I can only recommend that you ask your employer if it would be possible to install a connection in your room.


In addition what you ask is tantamount to seeking advice on how to hack a connection.

Advice regarding help in this direction obviously cannot be offered.

Perhaps it may be better that you consider joining Vodafone or T Mobile etc on a mobile USB Modem contract to ensure connectivity.
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