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RUNDLL ERROR any advice please ?


FPCH Member
Dec 10, 2007
PC Experience
Some Experience
Operating System
Windows XP - Home Edition
everytime i use my PC everyday at least one this message pops up in small box in middle of screen it reads as follows -

(RUNDLL - error loading C:\Program Files\Common Files\ParetoLogic\UUS2\UUS,dll
The Specified module could not be found

any advise please would be much appreciated.


FPCH New Member
Apr 24, 2008

Hi there,

I had the same problem...

Previously I had installed the trial of "Undelete" by Paretologic (or something similar). Then I uninstalled but was still getting the same messages as yourself.

If this sounds familiar...

Go to Control Panal - Scheduled Tasks and then delete the Paretologic item.

And with a bit of luck we'll both be OK (I had already searched my PC and Registry to no avail)