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Screen Brightness Samsung Q1 ultra


Free PC Help Contributor
Jul 1, 2008
PC Experience
Some Experience
Hi All,
I have a Samsung Q1 Ultra tablet PC running XP tablet SP3. Whwenever I disconect the charger/power supply the screen brightness reduces to minimum. I guess this is to save battery life. I want the screen to stay at whatever setting it was at prior to disconnecting from the mains. If I open the "Tablet & Pen Settings" applet from control panel the "screen brightness" options are "Greyed" out. I've tried looking in display properties and power options etc but can't get to adjust the settings. Any ideas why not and how to get at them.
Many thanks in advance,



FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
Hi Bob.

There are two different models for the Q1 as you'll see when you enter Q1 in this search:

support SAMSUNG

Once you enter the correct model, you can download the manual.