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Screen shows green strips, then black...


FPCH New Member
Apr 19, 2008
Summary: whilst watching a video commercial on a trusted corporate website, the screen went black (though still backlit). On restarting, screen came up normal (graphics perfect) until the first Windows XP page (with the green loading bar) when there were green and black vertical strips 5mm wide, the green strips made up of four lines, a little reminiscent of that code pattern in movie Matrix. After the Windows page the green lines turned to blue, and then the screen went black (though still backlit), and the usual user login didn`t appear. Leaving the computer to run, the hard disk was active from time to time, then before long the windows logging-in jingle played as if we had logged in, the screen still black. After that, no response at all.

After problem: Laptop can be started in Safe Mode (from where I write this), there are still faint green lines superimposed. I completed a system restore but this has not fixed the problem.

The last few weeks: A number of weekends ago I attempted to open my mouse for the purpose of silencing the clicks, but on opening the mouse half way and looking inside it made itself apparent that it was not meant to be opened (without breaking the plastic case [mouse is GlanzHS by Sanwa]) On closing and restoring the mouse, I found that initially the left button didn`t seem to work, and then it did, problem solved. But then strangeness began: next time on restarting the computer, nothing responded to the pointer or the left click on the first user login window (not a problem as TAB and Enter worked) then again in my desktop nothing responded to the pointer or left click (right click brought up menus, though left click selected nothing). I found a work around by opening Task Manager, where, after several seconds, buttons responded to the pointer and left click worked, and continued to work for everything else with Task Manager closed. The only exception was Adobe Illustrator, which I used this week for the first time since then, and found again that the pointer/left click were not working as they should.

Would the mouse be connected to the screen problem?

PC: Toshiba Qosmio G30/795LS, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Ver.2002 , SP2.

If you could shed any light on this strangeness I`d be most appreciative.


Hello Naval

Welcome to Free PC Help

I very much doubt the mouse works properly any longer and is definitely nothing to do with the screen issue.

It sounds to me like your laptop screen has become faulty.
Replacing it would probably cost more than the laptop is worth. :(