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Secure Internet Site Access


FPCH New Member
Oct 26, 2006
Hi, don't know whether anyone can help with this, I have tried everything! Basically, I cannot get onto any https (secure) sites outside my university network, so I can't internet bank, get on msn or generally use anything that has a password, which is such a pain.
I have tried everything, followed those instructions you get when the page says 'this page cannot be displayed', I have tried to change my security settings. It just will not work!

Has anyone got any suggestions? It is a Tiny computer and they don't exist any more, so i can't ask them!

Cat xx


FPCH Member
Feb 12, 2006
not sure - could it be to do with your cookies - make sure cookies aren't disabled (not sure how you do this lol) try it under the help menu of your browser - this may be the problem.