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Server networking assistance required


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 27, 2011
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Howdy guys.

I have a small home server setup, which allows me to run game servers and it's being used as storage.
The OS is on a 2TB drive, which is also used for running game servers and such.
I then have separate drives in RAID 5 for file storage.

What I want to accomplish is for my PC and my fiancee's PC to transfer the files over a wired network.
Both computers are wired (RJ45 Cat5e) 'directly' to the server. However on PC 2 (fiancee's) when the wired connection is active the wireless cuts out, even though it states having internet connection through the wireless.
It is currently set up using 'Home Group' in Windows 7 (all 3 are on Windows 7) so file transfers are going over the wireless network, and is INSANELY SLOW, less than 500kbp/s.

I want files and such to be transferred over a wired connection to increase transfer speeds, and I would also like to give PC 1 and 2 read and write access without using this silly Home Group business that Windows 7 loves so much, I'm unable to give just PC 1/2 read and write access for some reason.
However, I would want the Home Group to stay active so other PC's in the house can have read access only to the server.

How would one proceed in successfully beating this task.



Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
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I would really like to help but I'm clueless with server setups. I can barely setup home networking on XP to Vista or 7.

You mentioned that all 3 are on 7 so homegroup should work. XP and Vista or 7 of course have to be set up as a work group to work together as I'm sure you already know.

Like I said I'm clueless about servers but I'm wondering if changing to a work group setting might help. Advanced security permissions would have to be set and the work group name would have to be the same on all computers. Also on SHARING properties type in Everyone.

I wish I could offer more bud.
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