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Set up wireless home network w/ desktop laptop & printer via router?


FPCH New Member
Oct 8, 2007
How do I set up a wireless home network with a desktop, laptop and printers with a wireless firewall router?

We have a laptop and desktop- both used for business and personal use.
We would like to have a wireless home network, with our printer, so the desktop and the laptop can connect to the same thing, with our printer.
We were thinking something along the lines of two user profiles- one business and one personal- and both computers can connect to each of these profiles, and the files can be sort of 'synchronised' whenever the laptop is in range- incase it has been taken away from home for business use.
We have a wireless firewall router. One of the two printers is wireless (bluetooth) and the laptop is bluetooth and is able to connect to the router.
The only problem is we have no real idea how to do this! Is this possible? Mail me with any questions (or answers!!)
Any thing would be a great help!