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setting up a capture card


FPCH New Member
Mar 22, 2010
PC Experience
Some Experience
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Basic
hi there, totally new to this site - hoping someone can help - i am trying to set up a capture card on my laptop and don't really know what i'm doing!! things didn't start off well when i cut the blister pack of the capture card and cut into the software disc! however, i got the software downloaded and installed ok. the reason i want a capture card is i am trying to take a load of progerammes off my v+ box and put onto my laptop. the v+ does give you the option of archiving your programes via recording them through a dvd or video - however i no longer have a video and i do not have a recordable dvd player. i have watched a few videos on youtube but they mainly concentrate on capturing videos from games consoles. i have a usb connection at the end of the capture card then the 3 yellow, red and white connections things at the other end - they require red, yellow and white connections to go into them. i am ***uming i have to somehow connect all this to my tv? or would it be the v+ box itself? i tried connecting it via a scart connection into the tv and the other end of this lead had the red, yellow and white plugs which i plugged into the first cable which is connected to the laptop. i then opened up the program (ulead??) but it couldn't find the signal. ulead won't let me change the settings either. i think i may need another type of cable?? any info anyone could give me would be really appriciated. many thanks x