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sharing files between pc's

Dec 4, 2007

im looking for some help in creating a sharing folder between 2 pc's running different types of connections on the LAN and both running different OS's - ill describe the suituation.

i have 2 pc's and 1 wireless router (also containing 4 ethernet ports) the router is a Netopia 3347NWG series supplied by my broadband supplier and works fine for running online games and internet surfing.

the first pc is running xp pro sp2 and is connected via an ethernet to the router

the second pc is running windows 2000 pro and is connected to the router via a wireless connection

what i want to do is create a folder that allows me to share files between both pc's.

i went into networking on the xp pc and added a connection etc for sharing folders - xp made the small file which i placed on a floppy and i was to bring it to the 2000 pro pc. when i ran the prog. on the 2000 pc it said that it does not support 2000 - only 98,98se,ME and xp.

i then tried on both pc's to do it manually -i created the sharing folder and placed it into my network places. i then right clicked the folders and went to properties and went to comment where it gave the folder address( i think) \\B-workstation\Net-Shared Folder - when i tried entering this address on the other pc in adding a new connection it just said that "the network place could not be added because the following error has occured: the network path was not found"and viceversa on the other pc.

im pretty sure it isjust 1 or 2 small steps im doing wrong so if someone could help me out i would be grateful for it.



FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
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Typically to share you need to have File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks installed.

Then make sure both computers are on the same Workgroup name

Then make sure each computer has an account to use to gain access to a specific folder.

If you need further ***istance please let us know.