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shut down will not start back up


FPCH New Member
Aug 6, 2007
I have a p4-ht 3.20 GHZ processor with 1GB RAM an running on xp. First problem was i lost my quick lunch on the bottom left side of the tool bar. Then my pc kept repeating updates install,evey time it installed an reboot.then it stoped, then when i thought it was ok it just turned off. I am still unable to turn it back on.I have tried a new power pack, also changed the processor fan. The heat sink on the processor looked very hard ,an dry. Can any one help.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
when you try powering it on do you get any light on the front of the case.
does the fans power on and turn.
is there any bios beeps......if there is no lights or fans moving,,then you will need to change the power supply,make sure you are plugging in the yellow n black p4 power connector......if the fans are turning.try resetting your bios...there should be a jumper on your motherboard for this,,or just remove the cmos battery for 30 mins then pop it back in and try again...(cmos battery is a silver lithium flat battery about hte size of a 20p).
if after you have changed the psu and done the battery trick and still nothing you may want to have your motherboard tested.....the majority of the time when there is no power to the drives and fans (after a new psu) then it is mainly the motherboard...
a new p4 board is around £35 for a relativly good one....
is your machine under warrenty.

to sort the update issue,try booting to safe mode (tapping f8 at startup and select safe mode) now browse to c:\windows\ locate the folder called "software distribution" rename it to "software distribution.old" now start back in normal mode now see if the updates will install via the windows update site....

as for the heatsink,,,the paste looking hard,,,have you changed the paste...when you touch it is it stick tacky,do you get any on your fingers.....if not then it will definatly need replacing....you can get a tube of thermal grease from most computer store roughly about £5.

when you do get your pc booting up run all relevant scan ie www.ewido.com also run antivirus scans too http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ .