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Slow Running Pc


FPCH New Member
Jul 15, 2007
Hi I Have Windows Xp On My Pc I Also Avg Free But My Pc Is Just Getting Slower. If I Try To Down Load A Short Video Or Even Just Search It Now Seems Just As Slow As Dial Up . I Always Delete Any Temp Files And Run A Disc Clean Up Nearly Every Time I Use My Pc . I Also Get A Message Sometimes Saying Virtual Memory If Low Is There Anything I Can Do


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
Hi CMC872,
firstly how much space do you have left on your hard drive.....
AVG (my opinion is no good),ty downloading a 30 day trial of nod32 (remove avg before installing) from www.eset.co.uk.
download ewido form www.ewido.com and update that and run a complete system scan...
right can you please give me the specs of your pc.ie memory size.hard drive size.cpu speed,and most importantly what operating system.
to adjust the virtual ram do the following procedure.http://www.avid.com/onlineSupport/supportcontent.asp?browse=&productID=97&contentID=6999
post back in i an help more..
i will postback some mopre solutions in 1 sec...
its my daughters 1st birthday so the door keeps being knocked and the bell is about to die.ha ha
kind regards
sorry for any typos ,i wrote this to quick