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Slow... slower... stopping laptop!


FPCH New Member
Nov 5, 2007
I have an (acer) (XP sp 2) Laptop which, loads correctly (scaning the hard drive due to it being shut down manually and getting to the login screen fine). Once I log in it begins to start normally but slowing with every passing second. The mouse end up moving jerkly until it moves once a sceond... minute e.t.c until it stops (or at least seems to). I have tried loading up task manager and ending all processes I think may be slowing it... no joy. I cannot get onto anything BUT the setup when loading the computer, by pressing F2. I does get hot but it always has. If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated... I really dont want to loose sentimental information on my hard drive, and if needs be could possibly stretch to another laptop.

Thanks for reading... hope someone can help!