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Slow Website Access


FPCH New Member
Jan 9, 2007
when i am accessing the Internet i am finding that about 50% of the sites that I wish to access either take ages to load or donload at all. I cannot understand why. Sometimes i cab be on a site that laods fairly quikly then I try and access the site agin a few minutes later and it either takes ages to load or I just give it up as a bad job cos the green bar at the bottom of the screen jst seesm to freeze.. I do loads of comps and these are sites that I have accessed for a few years with little or no problem. I keep ringing tech support at talktalk but to be honest they are a complete waiste of time cos half the time they dont sem to know what they are on about. They just keep putting you on hold to knock up the cost of the call. i use TALKTALK via ADSL and cabled router supposed to get speeds up to 8mb.

my PC is ony a couple of months old it is a duo core 2.66, with 1GbRAM, 160Gb HD, Radeon 256Mb graphics runing under WIndows XP Pro sp2.

I clear the cookies and temporary internet files file weekly. It seems that when sites wont load my hard disk is forever accessing.

I run Talktalk premium securty software.

Any help/advice would be most appreciated




FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
I think it is a DNS problem. Every time you access a website, such as www.google.com, your computer asks a DNS server what the IP address is. So, for example, when you visit www.google.com your computer connects to

Your modem or router automatically routes its DNS queries through the DNS servers provided by your ISP, TalkTalk. It seems these are currently being unreliable. Fortunately, there is a set of DNS servers run called OpenDNS. They are faster, reliable and protect you against phishing websites too.

Instructions for installing OpenDNS on Windows XP

You have may to reboot your computer for it to work.