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[Solved] Screen display size


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Feb 27, 2012
SW France
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Hi, my screen display has suddenly shrunk and now does not fill the screen. I have obviously done something wrong inadvertently. I have looked at all the articles about resizing, ie "right clicking desktop and selecting different pixel displays" but that does not alter the size of the display. I am now stumped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place
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Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
Bottom right corner of the screen there should be an up-arrow.
Click on this and your graphics icon should be there. [ point the screen curser at each until you find it ]
There should be "Graphics Options" - if you highlight this you are looking for "Panel Fit"
Is this set to " Maintain Display Scaling" ?

Different Graphics Cards will be slightly different.

You may need to update your Graphics Drivers.
Search option [ bottom left ] then type in Devmgmt.msc - now hit Enter.
Click on "Display Adapters" > then right click on the item shown.
Click on "Update Drivers"
[ you will need an internet connection ]

If the above doesn't work for you - what is listed in Device Manager when you click on Display Adapters ?