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Sony Vaio Vgn-n21e Drivers


FPCH New Member
Feb 5, 2007
Hi i just baught the above laptop and it works fine i just dont like all of the useless software that is taking up space on it! i tried reinstalling vista on it and when i did so i insaled the drivers on the c drive only to find that the memory stick duo icon didnt appear! there was an icon there but the sort of icon that appears when you dont have the correct software to open a file. the card slot did work though but the icon didnt. i have now pressed f10 and rerstored the pc to the factory settings with all of this usless stuff that i dont want again. i know this may seem like not much of a problem to alot of you but things like that just bother me.

So to conclude - I want my pc completley blank to install only the sofware i want and i want only the drivers with no factory software.

any help on how to acheive this would be most appreciated



FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Someone has written a nice tool called PC Decrapifier. It was designed to remove the plethora of horrible bundled software that both I and you dislike. Although it was designed for Dell machines, it is likely to remove a lot of the rubbish that came bundled with your Vaio. The developer of the tool has recently updated it to work with Vista.

Once you've run that tool, the next step is to read the following web pages and carry out the advice:

Uninstall or change a program

Ways to improve your computer's performance

Improve performance by defragmenting your hard disk

Basically, you follow those guides to remove all of the unwanted software. You then go through and perform a general system clean up with the second web page. Finally, you do a disk defragment. Overall, you should be able to get your machine back to a very close "fresh install" state as you wanted.