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squeaking speakers


FPCH New Member
Sep 20, 2007

whenever my computer is on i hear squeaks and blips from the speakers. I am certain these noises are from the speaker system as turning the volume down ends the stream of noises.
The problem is not the squeaking itself, but i am worried it may be linked to some sort of virus or spyware which my free trial norton and AVG packages are not picking up. I'm almost certain that the problem started as soon as i hooked my new laptop up to my home network, since i did not notice the squeaking sounds while using it abroad and my home computer has played these ambient squeaking sounds for as long as i can remember. If continuos blips and squeaks from the speaker system are a common indication of infection would be a good idea to run my HP system restore, or would this make no difference?


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
i reckon this is to do with either the speaker or the sound card itself.
try updated sound card drivers...
and a different set of speakers....
where are the speakers, what else electrical is near them