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Strange behavior of my DVD drives


FPCH New Member
Apr 10, 2008
My PC has developed a strange behavior, probably during some un/installation, how it treats the installed DVD drives, as it burns the DVDs quite alright, but then it cannot read them.

I have two computers, a desktop computer and a laptop, both running the Windows XP Pro, plus an external USB disk drive. If I burn the DVD on the desktop computer, either using the internal or the external drive and using either Nero or CDBurnerXP, none of the drives can read it. I just get the message telling me that the volume does not contain recognized file system. However, the laptop can read the very same DVD disk without problem, either with its own internal DVD drive or with the very same external USB drive which refused to read it while attached to the desktop.

Same applies if I burn the DVD on the laptop - on it this DVD can be read on either drive, but not on the desktop computer, even on the very same USB drive that didn't have problem with it while attached to the laptop.

Yet this does not apply to the CDs burned under the same conditions - they can be read in every drive, on the both computers, without a problem.

But, there is more to it. I used to run the MediaFour's MacDrive on the desktop computer so I could read the old Mac's disks from my Apple times. When the problems with the DVD drives started to appear I first tweaked the MacDrive in every possible way, in hope to resolve the problem but to no avail, and then I finally uninstalled it. Now comes funny part - I can still read Mac's CD disks as before, when MacDrive was still installed.

And to spice the whole stew - both drives can read the old DVDs, burned a year or more ago, without problem...

Windows' troubleshooting option in the Device Manager shows the driver and the disk are OK, and both drivers' checking / updating applications I have show the Windows DVD driver is OK and up to date. I tried with reinstalling both the Nero and the CDBurnerXO apps, also in vain.

I suspect I have either overwritten or erased one or more essential system files (DLL or what) or changed some values in some registers, but which ones - that's beyond my knowledge. Now I hope that someone on this forum will have an answer to this.


Tony D

Free PC Help Long Term Member
Dec 30, 2007
Malvern, PA (USA)
PC Experience
Some Experience
Operating System
Do you have this problem with both data and movie DVD's?
Do you have this problem with CD's also?

If you think you have a dll problem, you can try using System Restore.


FPCH Member
Jan 8, 2008
Aperture Science
PC Experience
Operating System
Windows XP - Media Center Edition
What about re-installing MacDrive, setting everything to its default, and then uninstalling it?

It may be that MacDrive altered some system settings, that didn't get changed on uninstallation, and as such, your DVD drive doesn't recognize media properly.